The long asked question; why do we use Recruitment Agencies? We’ve all had our bad Recruitment experiences; the pushy recruiter; annoying phone calls and emails; ghosting; sending irrelevant profiles – so why do we use them? Despite some bad eggs that tend to tarnish an entire industry; Recruitment Agencies provide a vital service to make sure companies stay competitive and ahead of their competition.

Since Covid-19; it has become increasingly a candidate driven market. Not only are you competing with companies within your city; you are in competition with companies worldwide who offer permanent remote opportunities.

If you’re on the fence of using a Recruitment Agency; here are some of things you should know:

  1. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!
    If the old series’ theme song has taught us anything about logical thinking, it’s that if you have a problem, you must seek someone who’s specialized in making it go away. Just as the gang is equipped with proton packs, recruitment agencies can always bring their weapons, such as extensive talent pools, sourcing tools and role advertising softwares.

    Did you know that a simple search on LinkedIn Recruiter can be completed – at the very least – 2.5x faster than the same search on the standard LinkedIn version? Not to mention other features – such as the broad variety of filters – making sourcing an accurate mission when on experts’ hands.

    Find a good recruiter who knows their industry; you can guarantee they’ll have the finger on the pulse in terms of market salaries and benefits, top candidates and industry trends.
  2. Cost effective
    Okay, so let’s suppose you already have an internal team that has access to all the pro tools. Did you know that one of the legendary illusionist Houdini’s biggest tricks was making in-house recruitment teams seem cheaper than outsourcing hiring to an external company?

    Initial in-house spend may seem smaller than agency fees at first sight, but unforeseen costs soon pile up, making it more expensive. Most agencies work on a success-only basis, while also offering refund periods to make the process as risk free as it possible can.
  3. Time saving
    Generally, recruitment agencies will be able to present suitable screening candidates within 3 to 7 working days. Specialised Agencies will already have strong networks through LinkedIn, internal databases and years searching similar roles. Unfortunately the best candidates don’t usually just land in our inbox and need to be headhunted.

    By using Recruitment Agencies; you are giving yourself the very best chance to improve your time to hire which will save you a lot more than a recruitment fee.

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