What we do?

For Candidates

We are ready to help you find your dream role.

We have global reach and work with some of the best and diverse companies from across Europe, North America and Asia.

For Clients

We are a talent agency with a proven track record of building teams in companies from high growth startups to large multinationals across Europe, North America and Asia. Our philosophy is simple; help people find jobs they love.


We reach out to AI, machine learning and IT developers to bring you talent with skills and experience you are looking for. 


We strive to help you hire top people more efficiently so we screen and qualify job candidates before presenting them to you.


We help negotiate details of the hire such as salary, hours, vacation, benefits and potential for remote work. 


We coordinate and schedule phone screens, interviews, testing, references, background checks and start dates. 

We specialise in the following:

Software Engeneering + QA and Test
DevOps, Network Infosec
Design - Product/UX/UI/ Digital
Product/Leadership - Scrum Agile
Data Science / AI / Machine Learning
Games Industry