Successful talent acquisition does not follow “one size fits all” approach.

Our strategy or how we recruit will differ depending on many factors, including industry, company size, budgetary constraints, employment opportunities and industry/job competition.

Step 1: Understand the role, company and the type of candidate you are searching for
Step 2: Advertise
Step 3: Check internal network
Step 4: Candidate sourcing – actively headhunt potential pools of candidates; these can be from similar industries; competitors or just candidates with the required skills
Step 5: Building a pool of qualified screened candidates
Step 6: Candidate selection – shortlisting the most suitable candidates for our clients to review
Step 7: Interviews

Before our client ever sees a candidate; we will complete the above steps to ensure that they save time and money using Mentor Talent and ultimately ending with the right person for their team.

How do we find the perfect fit?
 – Hard Skills and Knowledge – one of the easiest way to sift through candidates is through their skillset. Can they do the job and can they do it efficiently?
 – Personality and Attitude – We will screen candidates based on the culture of your organization and what you are looking for?
 – Communication Skills – Clarity, thought and articulation are among verbal communication traits you might examine

For more information about how we can help you find the right addition to your team; feel free to reach out and set up a call.