As we begin a New Year, Mentor Talent Acquisition are delighted to team up with Silicon Allee to give access to a wider network to more jobs across Germany.

What do Silicon Allee do?

Silicon Allee have been supporting entrepreneurs and the international tech community in Germany since 2011.
Their network is your network – to help you find jobs, co-founders, apartments, office spaces, and stay up-to-date on tech news nd advice.
Silicon Allee’s mission has always been to connect Berlin’s tech community with the rest of the
They have consulted companies moving to Berlin, developing incredible partnerships and produced internationally renowned events in the city. They like to think of ourselves as the unofficial welcoming committee for Berlin’s newest entrepreneurs and tech employees and we can’t think of anyone else better to partner up with.

Services Silicon Allee provide:

Content Partnerships
Write engaging articles on tech, leveraging our network to promote them on all of our channels.

Silicon Allee have a track record of producing amazing events, both online and offline.

Looking to expand your business to Germany or connect your startup to new markets? Silicon Allee have worked with companies from Asia, the US and Europe to move to Berlin.

Startup Funding
Silicon Allee’s Berlin Founders Fund provides equity-free funding for early stage founders to start in Berlin. They also match later-stage founders to our VC/Angel network.

Studio Apartments & Office Rentals
Whether on our campus or in our neighbourhood, Silicon Allee are connected to great office and living spaces for Berlin’s innovation economy.

Trend Reports
Silicon Allee has been instrumental in helping public and private businesses learn more about the Berlin ecosystem. We can produce custom reports based on research, internal data or personal interviews.

Want to learn more? Drop the guys a message to or visit