What’s the hardest part about relocating to Berlin?


You would think once interviewing and accepting a role; you have done the hard part, but sometimes finding somewhere to live is the real pain. We always hear how cheap the cost of living is in Berlin compared to other European countries, but not how hard it actually is to find somewhere.

Here is the advice we got on how to find your perfect home:

–       First things first, research the neighbourhood you actually want to live in

–       Make sure to have all your documents, deposit etc. at the ready, because I’m afraid nobody is waiting around for you!

–       In most cases, the company you are joining have other relocaters in the company. Ask for help! They might have connections you wouldn’t, a colleague may be looking for a new housemate or know someone looking for a new housemate. Berlin is a close-knit community, every other person you meet have also relocated and feels your pain, so most are always willing to help.

–       Research, Research, Research – there are so many websites, agencies and companies (e.g. Immobilienscout24, Immowelt,, verwaltung and Immonet etc.) that can help you; don’t just choose the first one,… play the field!


Socialise – you never know who you will meet and who will be able to help.

–       Airbnb and short term apartment stays can be a lifesaver when looking for a permanent place to stay.

–       And most important, be quick off the mark – this is a competition after all!

What has surprised you most about living in Berlin?


It might seem crazy, but you don’t need to speak German. Most tech companies working-language is English and most ex-pats and Germans speak English. That’s not to say, don’t learn the basics. When else will you find a better opportunity to learn German!

Also, it’s not the worst idea to find a German friend to help with administration and public services.

The People:

I hope I’m not breaking it to anyone, but the German stereotype is not always too polite abroad. Whether this is true or not is for a different blog, but Berliners are super welcoming and friendly. So, don’t let this put you off!

Berlin is Green

Moving from a small town to a big densely populated city, you would expect pollution and dirt. Berlin is very environmentally friendly and recycling is a top priority, most people cycle to work and the city is pretty damn clean.


I suppose, no surprise here – but the Berlin transport system is pretty impressive and definitely not unexpected… incredibly efficient!

Don’t leave your shopping until Sunday:

It may seem odd in such a global multicultural city, but much of Berlin closes on Sunday. Don’t worry bars and restaurants are still open for business!


There seems to be an idea that Berlin is always dark. Granted, the winter months – wrap up warm but spring and summer can be hot and there’s no better place to be!

The fact most companies, are pro flip flop and shorts helps too!

What are the best things about living in Berlin?


Berlin offers every kind of cultural lifestyle within its city districts. Every part of Berlin has a very distinct vibe and style; where you can feel at home. Berlin is a city where different cultures and backgrounds combine to form a new culture and spirit in the shape of the Berliner!

Europe’s Tech Hub:

For the Geeks like me out there, Berlin is the place to be. Attracting some of the top start-ups, entrepreneurs, talents and minds from around the world, there’s a strong possibility that you will be working and learning from your colleagues, no matter your seniority.

On top of that, you are never too far from a Tech Meetup of Conference!


The clubber culture has become a life style in Berlin, often referred to as the world’s techno capital of the world. You can find people travelling all around the world for Berlin’s famous nightlife.

And don’t worry, if you’re not into the techno scene, there are plenty of relaxed bars, pubs and nightclubs to cater to whatever you are into.


Berlin is basically the centre pinpoint of Europe, two hours in any direction can bring you to Russia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Scandinavia – the world’s your oyster!

A second new airport is due to be in operation from 2018.

Not a fan of airports? The Rail system is second to none, and you are only a short train ride away from other cities in Germany like Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich as well as neighbouring countries like the Czech Republic (Prague), Austria (Vienna), Switzerland (Zurich) and Poland (Warsaw).

If you want to find out more about potential job opportunities in Berlin, contact us a info@mentortalent.ie or visit www.mentortalent.ie

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