1.     Take things one step at a time

As much as you pride yourself on getting a lot of things done at once, it is much simpler to just focus on one task at a time. The benefit being that you get the task done to a higher standard and there is much less chance of making a mistake and having to redo it. Complete one thing and move onto the next. It’s not a bad idea to do a checklist of all the things you want to complete that day.

2.     Take regular small breaks

Working more hours doesn’t equal higher productivity. Smart work equals more productivity and you can’t work smart if you are feeling burnt out. So remember to take regular short breaks throughout the day, such as a short walk or a coffee break, to keep your mood high and your productivity up.  

3.     Say No

This will seem uncomfortable at first, but if you are asked to undertake an extra task from a  colleague and are already inundated with a mountain of other work, it is okay to say no – in a polite way to tasks that will harm your own productivity. It will be for the best to not over-stretch yourself.

4.     Do most important tasks first

Similar to the previous tip, you should learn to prioritize your most important tasks first, when you feel your energy is at its strongest. This way you will get through the toughest tasks of the day with what seems like minimal effort, but will produce a higher standard than perhaps later in the day.

5.     Do the same tasks at the same time

Routine can be boring, but it is important to try and do daily tasks at the same time of day, and weekly tasks around the same time every week. This will help to eliminate the need to make a decision and just to get on with your work when you need to.

So there are our tips for being more productive at work. Hopefully you can use these to make better use of your time while in work to avoid sitting still and not knowing what to do next.