Software development has never been more competitive. Therefore, it is important to try and stand out and differentiate yourself from the others when looking for a job. Here are some suggestions to help stand out as a software developer.  

1.     Tech Meetups

Try to involve yourself in as many tech events in your area of interest. It is the chance to stay up to date on changes, network with future employers and meet likeminded individuals with the same interests, hear of interesting tech speakers and if nothing else, a couple of free beers and slices of pizzas. If you ever get the chance to speak at these events, it can be a real differential when looking fora job.

2.     It’s not only technical

As we have already said, competition for development jobs is crazy at the moment. Company culture has become really important for companies. Now more than ever, employers are not only looking for developers to be able to do their job technically, but also want developers to share the company culture, be team orientated etc. More and more often, we are seeing great candidates being rejected from positions based on not being personable, motivated or interested in the company or during interviews. It’s great to be able to code in a certain language, but don’t forget to bring your personality.

3.     Keeping up to date

There are really some major trends that you can’t miss. There are also a variety of different ways you can keep up to date on any recent software developments.  A range of blogs exist that are dedicated to your particular stack and the tools you use, however, if you prefer to listen instead of read there are also a number of podcasts dedicated to software development that you could listen to, as well as other methods – books, courses, and social media as an example.

4.     Work on your own projects

Whatever you read about or hear about is worthless until you try it out, so work on your own projects. This rings true, if you are currently looking for a job, are in a steady job already, or are freelancing. This will prove to have a few benefits; you can show any of your future prospective employers what you are capable of doing, you can work on passion projects, and it will help you to practice your craft on the side, therefore helping you further stand out as a software developer.

5.     Keep Learning

Technology is constantly changing from languages updating to a new version or some languages falling in popularity and off the face of the earth as we know it. It’s important to be adaptable; learn other languages. This would be a great reason to attend new meetups of a language you are potentially interested in or start a personal project and test it out on a personal project. Someone who is adaptable will always stand out to employers.

These are some of our suggestions for standing out as a software developer. In an ever competitive industry, being able to differentiate and stand out will be a huge advantage and hopefully using some of the tips above will help out.