2020 has been a tough, strange; yet a rewarding year at Mentor Talent. One of the positives moments; was our partnership with Data Natives; Europe’s largest meeting point for the data-driven generation and world’s largest community of data-driven professionals.

Data Native’s mission is to bring together diverse strands of the global tech community. We aim to educate and inspire our 80,000+ community members, and motivate them to shape the innovations of tomorrow.

In November; we were happy to be part of Data Natives Unlimited; a 3 day fully digital event with over 5,000 attendees, 160 speakers and lots of workshops and networking.

At Mentor Talent; we aligned ourselves with Data Native’s Values of Community, Education, Diversity and Impact.

Our world is dependent on data and this is reflected in what we are seeing in the Tech Recruitment across Europe. The competition for talent of Big Data and Machine Learning Engineers; Data Scientists and Data Analysts is growing rapidly and showing no signs of slowing down.