More and more Employees and Employers are opting to working remotely; so what are the benefits?

1.     Flexible Hours

This is becoming more and more important for employees and can act as a key factor when choosing their next role. Work life balance is promoted by flexi time, as employees get more time to work to a timetable that suits them, whilst keeping up with their work.

2.     More Productivity

This one is for the employers. Remote work seems to bring out the productivity in employees. Less time is wasted, employees are more proactive and efficient without a commute and generally more comfortable whilst coding.

3.     Communication

Communication seems to be a lot more free flowing in a remote work environment than it would be in an office space. Of course, while working remotely communication is key and is often vital to effective work being done, so communication is often improved in a remote work setting.  

4.     Responsibility

Employees are likely to feel trusted when they are working remotely. They are given more independence and so, are likely to feel more responsible for the quality of their work. Everyone likes to feel trusted and this level of responsibility will likely lead to better productivity from the employee (as in tip #2).

5.     More Talent

Employers who offer remote work have the best chance of securing the best talent for their company. Many people who go to an office obviously want to work close to where they live, but if remote work was a possibility, that need would be taken out of consideration. This would open up the possibility of having some of the best talent come work for you, even if they were to live hundreds of miles away.

So there are our top five benefits of working remotely. It really is worthy of the consideration of both employers and employees to consider remote work as a legitimate means of daily work.