Starting your work day off in the right way is an important factor in setting yourself up for a productive day. With that in mind, here are some of our top tips to start your work day off

1. Eat a good breakfast

This seems like basic advice, but you need to have a good breakfast in you before you start work. You don’t want to go through the morning with a brain fog, you need to begin your day with sharp mental clarity and the best way to do that is to have a nutritious breakfast.

2. Show up on time

No one likes someone who constantly shows up for work late. As well as annoying your colleagues/management, it also leads to you playing catch-up for the rest of the day and
throws off your productivity game. Try to arrive on time every day and if possible, try to arrive a few minutes early to get a better start on your day.

3. Take a breath

Literally. Give yourself a moment in the morning to take a breath and bring your focus and attention to the present, leaving any “home stuff” at home and anything negative from previous days where they belong, in the past.

4. Fresh Start

Much like the previous piece of advice, try not to let a negative yesterday affect what is happening now. Learn from mistakes quickly and move on, it’s best for you and for the company you work for. If you were affected by the mood of a colleague or manager yesterday, it likely won’t be the same twice, so learn to let it go and move into the next day.

5. Take a mid-morning break

Take five minutes around mid-morning to assess how your morning has begun. Take note of the things you have done well to set yourself up for the rest of the day and also of some of the areas in which you can improve to increase productivity for the day ahead, once done take the lessons and apply them to other mornings to help improve.

So there are our tips for setting up your work day right. Getting the chance to do so also sets up the rest of your day in the best way possible so it is worth considering using these tips to enhance your productivity during each work day.